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Latest resource additions:

Higher Ceilings are good for business
Finally an explanation as to why shopping malls are so designed

2016 Fear Survey Results
ACP gets a mention as a less common fear in a Fear Survey

I Went And I Conquered
A girl with a neurological condition shops in a Next superstore

Phobia Wiki
Wiki listing for the phobia

Recommended Resources:

Altocelarophobia Facebook Page 
A moderated friendly group, well worth joining.

Archive Resources:

Batophobia Discussion Page
ACP and Batophobia discussion from 2009

Megalophobia Blog
A megalophobic acknowledges ACP

oFear Anxiety Forum
A great place to discuss anxieties of all descriptions. Registration required to comment.

List of Protologisms (new words)
Seems we are on the short list guys!

Outsmarting Anxiety
One sufferer explains their own personal method of beating the fear

Secrets the Walkers Keep
A self-confessed sufferer, and what looks like a powerful piece of fiction.

Mongoose Holly
A blog from 2012 where the author confesses her phobia.

I Have Altocelarophobia
A few sufferers discuss their experiences in a forum setting

Altocelarophobia Poem
A beautifully worded poem from someone who is clearly a true sufferer

A.J.'s Blog
A really well written article from 2013 on one sufferers experience

Jennifer R. Hubbard's Blog
From 7th July 2013, another sufferer struggles with her spell checker.

Chadddd's Blog
Another blog, written back in 2006. Still as relevant today.

Mickiie's Deviantart Journal
A short journal entry written in 2012

NetDoctor Query
An old query from 2009

Forkezan on oFear
A personal entry on a phobia site from 2013

Lani on No More Panic
A sufferer asks for help on a site about phobias

My Little Pony sufferer. No really!
Although it is never properly addressed, apparently there is a case for one of the My Little Ponies being a sufferer. Episode review (contains spoilers).

Canterbury Cathedral is fairly high
Brief mention in the Canterbury Dispatches blog

Wife asks on husbands behalf
General query on a wedding related website

How does a phobia become official?
Yahoo Answer's query, of some interest. Includes a reply from 'Chris B' who claims to be the source of the accepted term "altocelarophobia".

Will this become an official phobia?
'Yahoo Answers' query. No real help, and listed here for inclusivity.

Hypnotherapist seeks advice
Even those there to help us need help themselves!

Fear of falling up
Question about fear of falling into the sky

Katie Smith Mirror News Report
Katie Smith DigitalSpy News Report
'News' reports from late 2012/early 2013 about one sufferer missing her graduation.

Word of the Day
It would seem the "A" word was 'word of the day', complete with unnerving image, Not much to see here, but every mention raises the profile.

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